No audio from imported lessons from YouTube

Gb0ii kr Korea, South

For some months now, when I import lessons from YouTube on my Mac and my iOS devices, everything is as usual except that the option to listen to the audio without looking at the video is non existent. It worked some months ago.

I have updated my devices, the LingQ importer and Flash Player.

Any tips what to do?

November 17 at 20:36
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Unfortunately we do have problems with Google occasionally and sometimes they block auto audio importing together with subtitles.

    In cases when only subtitles are imported, you can use any online YouTube to mp3 converter (like this one for example: ) and upload audio manually.

    November 18 at 15:28
    • Gb0ii kr Korea, South

      I see, thank you!

      November 19 at 11:15
    • mocqgn gb United Kingdom

      Hi Zoran. Do we know why this is happening and is there any way around it? I have tried both Chrome and Firefox but can't there is no audio for any of my imported lessons.

      March 15 at 14:58
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        @mocqgn It should actually work properly now. Please make sure to install latest Chrome extension version which we released few days ago. You can get it here:

        March 16 at 00:42
        • mocqgn gb United Kingdom

          Hi zoran. 20 mins ago i posted a message here that this was still causing me problems. Then i decided to have one final attempt and voila - it works!! So, this is to confirm that version 1.7.11 of the chrome extension is now working for me and includes sound. thanks.

          Thursday at 08:46