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My transcript's been spoiled with incomplete text splitting tags. Please recover it.

October 15 at 12:43

My transcript was been randomly inserted with many incomplete text splitting tags when one time I was editing the transcript and clicked on save. Please take a look at the attached image. And please get my transcript back to the latest normal version I was editing. Since the automatic splitting usually has a little shifting, one to two seconds ahead or behind, I always edit the transcript LINE-BY-LINE after the automatic splitting. And I was just finishing the correction of the last sentence in that transcript, and then the disaster happened. I hope you understand that line-by-line editing takes so much time, especially the audio is around 30 minutes long, I cannot accept resplitting the transcript and re-editing it again. This is almost an unacceptable bug. Please recover the transcript back to the lastest normal version I was editing. I'll appreciate it. Thank you.

---------- the transcript ----------


---------- the end of the transcript ----------


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