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Mobile LingQ Creation

December 08 at 20:51

TL;DR at the last line of the post :)

I love LingQ, and I, for whatever reason, I like to put as many as 9-10 "LingQ Definitions" on a word when I find that it has more than one meaning or use in a language.

When on desktop, you're able to just press the enter key to add as many definitions as you want.

I find that on mobile, when I put 1 definition on a word, the menu goes away in an instant. So if I want to put 2-3 definitions, I am forced to go through the process of clicking the word, clicking the plus button, then choosing a definition to add.

My Questions:


Is it possible to add more than one definition at a time on LingQ's mobile app?

If not, in the future would LingQ be able to make a setting where I am able to toggle whether or not I want the menu to disappear after adding one definition?

and 2)

Am I overthinking this? Is one definition enough even when there are clear cases given in the definitions that show that it has more than one meaning?

I know that Steve is all about efficiency when it comes to language learning, and as far as I am able to tell, this is either an inconvenience, or I am being too nitpicky about the way I am learning.

It really has prevented me from using the mobile app, and that is why I keep losing my streak. I don't always make time to use LingQ on desktop, but I love the convenience of my phone and I know my streak would be here if I were able to use the mobile app the way I use the desktop app.


On the mobile app, I want my LingQ creations to allow me to put more than 1 definition at a time, without needing to reopen the menu. Is this possible in the current state of LingQ?