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LingQ Review badly needs a filter option to make it useful

March 03 at 16:30

I'm sure this has been suggested but I'll write it down here.

For LingQ reviews and the "View all LingQs" there must be an option added to only see words NOT moved to "known" yet. We are forced to review words that we LingQed when we were Day 1 beginners which doesn't make any sense. We should be allowed to filter the word list in "View All LingQs" and for "Reviews" based on 1,2,3,4, or Known so we can review WAAAAY more efficiently. For now it's faster to just flip back through LingQ lesson pages to find the words I should review which obviously shouldn't be the case.

For a really great example of this feature working correctly just take a look at the Learning Languages with Netflix chrome add on and see how you can color code words from subtitles and then filter to which ones you only are interested in reviewing on the side tab. LingQ should be able to do this.


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