Lingq recognizes wrong word combinations (Chinese)

JanFinster de Germany

Occasionally Lingq combines the wrong words to assign meaning to them.

Here is an example: 吴 飞过来

Meaning: Wu Fei come over ("Wu Fei" is a name)

I would like to lingq 过来 (come over),

but Lingq automatically chooses 飞过来 (=fly over)

There are several cases like this and they do not all involve names. I understand there are limitations to Lingq ability to guess the right meaning, but is there a way to manually override this? As far as I can see, I am left with either accepting the nonsensical Lingq suggestion or ignoring the word....

January 05 at 17:15
  • wcon us United States

    I agree that this detracts from the LingQ experience for Chinese. If you can edit the source material, you can force LingQ to parse correctly by inserting spaces between the words.

    January 05 at 18:20
  • jbfan88 us United States

    Just open the lesson edit and add a space there. Believe me, the parser is 10x better in Mandarin than Cantonese.

    January 14 at 09:59
  • clausagerskov dk Denmark

    you can edit the lesson, modifying the detected words but lings doesnt update the readings so we are stuck with wrong reading for at least a couple of months until they release the next version

    January 18 at 13:27