LingQ extension stoped working on Netflix

rogeriobod br Brazil

Today I tried to import lessons from Netflix using Lingq extension, but it did not work. The message was:

"No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: espanhol"

But the subtitles were availble in the target language. I tried in other languages, but it didn't work in any of them.

The extension is working normally on Youtube.

Any tip to solve this problem?

February 07 at 16:21
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Sorry to hear that! Can you please give it another try now and let me know if you are able to import properly?

    February 09 at 04:30
    • rogeriobod br Brazil

      I tried it again, and still can not import content from Netflix. When I try to import Spanish content, I get this message:

      Error: No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: italiano

      And when I try to import English content, I get this message:

      Error: No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: espanhol, português

      I tried with Firefox and Chrome.

      February 11 at 11:01
      • Administrator
        mark ca Canada

        Yes, I am having the same issues. It does seem a bit language dependant as some do work. We will try to figure out what is happening there. It appears something has changed on Netflix.

        February 12 at 19:57
        • ramonek cz Czech Republic

          Hi Mark! Netflix seems to be working fine but other sites are not. Could you check this link?:

          The site was still working without problems recently.

          February 12 at 21:18
        • rogeriobod br Brazil

          For English, the extension is working again, but not for Spanish. It is working for Italian also...

          February 14 at 11:23
          • Administrator
            mark ca Canada

            Yes, we are still working on it. Hope to have a fix ready today. Sorry about this.

            February 14 at 16:13
            • rogeriobod br Brazil

              Thank you

              February 14 at 16:52
            • CTaylor us United States

              Hi, along these lines, when I import a Netflix episode on Chrome, using the extension, I only get one lesson with a limited portion of the (one-hour) show. I'm importing in French, from a French series on Netflix, to be clear. So before, I would get a number of lessons with the whole show, but now only one lesson, and no others, so I'm only able to work on a small portion of the show. As alternatives, I tried using Firefox today -- and it keeps timing out before completing the download. The Safari extension would not import propertly into my (MAC) applications folder. Please advise.

              Sunday at 21:09
  • Administrator
    mark ca Canada

    The extension should be back working properly now in Firefox. We are waiting for it to be approved in Chrome. That looks like it may take a little bit of time unfortunately. We are also working to update the Safari extension.

    February 14 at 17:07