LingQ extension stoped working on Netflix

rogeriobod br Brazil

Today I tried to import lessons from Netflix using Lingq extension, but it did not work. The message was:

"No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: espanhol"

But the subtitles were availble in the target language. I tried in other languages, but it didn't work in any of them.

The extension is working normally on Youtube.

Any tip to solve this problem?

February 07 at 16:21
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Sorry to hear that! Can you please give it another try now and let me know if you are able to import properly?

    February 09 at 04:30
    • rogeriobod br Brazil

      I tried it again, and still can not import content from Netflix. When I try to import Spanish content, I get this message:

      Error: No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: italiano

      And when I try to import English content, I get this message:

      Error: No appropriate captions found. Available languages are: espanhol, português

      I tried with Firefox and Chrome.

      February 11 at 11:01
      • Administrator
        mark ca Canada

        Yes, I am having the same issues. It does seem a bit language dependant as some do work. We will try to figure out what is happening there. It appears something has changed on Netflix.

        February 12 at 19:57
        • ramonek cz Czech Republic

          Hi Mark! Netflix seems to be working fine but other sites are not. Could you check this link?:

          The site was still working without problems recently.

          February 12 at 21:18
        • rogeriobod br Brazil

          For English, the extension is working again, but not for Spanish. It is working for Italian also...

          February 14 at 11:23
          • Administrator
            mark ca Canada

            Yes, we are still working on it. Hope to have a fix ready today. Sorry about this.

            February 14 at 16:13
            • rogeriobod br Brazil

              Thank you

              February 14 at 16:52
            • CTaylor us United States

              Hi, along these lines, when I import a Netflix episode on Chrome, using the extension, I only get one lesson with a limited portion of the (one-hour) show. I'm importing in French, from a French series on Netflix, to be clear. So before, I would get a number of lessons with the whole show, but now only one lesson, and no others, so I'm only able to work on a small portion of the show. As alternatives, I tried using Firefox today -- and it keeps timing out before completing the download. The Safari extension would not import propertly into my (MAC) applications folder. Please advise.

              February 16 at 21:09
  • Administrator
    mark ca Canada

    The extension should be back working properly now in Firefox. We are waiting for it to be approved in Chrome. That looks like it may take a little bit of time unfortunately. We are also working to update the Safari extension.

    February 14 at 17:07
  • herbm us United States


    LingQ NetFlix extension wasn't working for me tonight even though it usually does

    Before LingQ I was using the semi-manual procedure below though be warned that even though it worked for my videos tonight when LingQ could find the subtitles (using the same browser window where they were clearly visible and downloadable), SOMETIMES this procedure doesn't work when LingQ does. Most of the time either works.

    • Advantage of LingQ extension -- fewer steps if you are only going to use them on LingQ
    • Advantage of method below: More control: you can do 'other things'* with the subtitles and upload them to LingQ as a separate step.
    • Advantage to Knowing BOTH: You might still get the subtitles when one of the methods fails.

    * Other things: Put them in a single file, combine with other files, extract unique words, subtract you current vocabulary list before sending to LingQ or Anki etc. In other words you can MANIPULATE them with tools. I will post a couple of PowerShell commands at the end if ANYONE says they are interested but Python, Perl, or any decent language will work. (Everyone with Modener MS Windows has PowerShell and can just paste in samples.)

    Manual method:

    • Go to Netflix using Chrome or Firefox, open video, select subtitles (same as LingQ)
    • Hit F12 (Dev Tools) -- if you don't have DevTools then load them from the respective "add-ons" store
    • Ensure you are on: "Network-Tab," (load video if you haven't above and turn on subtitles,
    • Filter with: ?o= (that's O questionmark equals -- filter box is upper left of tools below tool bar, network tab is higher up and rightmost usually)
    • Hit refresh (not always necessary but it's more certain) --Top file will be the subtitles
    • Right-click on '?o=' file at top and "Open in new tab"
    • Instead it will offer a Save As Dialog, give it a good name and Ok to save (note what director you are saving to)
    • Afterwards, extract you subtitles from the XML, LingQ can probably do this for you but I'll post a short PowerShell function if anyone wants it. (It can grab titles based on file patterns, one file or just select or all in a directory tree).

    Next video and repeat. (Though you'll probably want to extract text at the end or upload etc.)

    Double checks (not necessay normally):

    • If top file doesn't start with ?o= then SCROLL UP
    • Double check: If file doesn't change weird name AQNo, then you didn't refresh
    • Double check: If two files are same LENGTH then you probably didn't refresh

    When finished go to the download directory (that you used to save) and either use your files or send to LingQ etc.

    The part to MEMORIZE is the FILTER:

    And maybe the F12 if you've never used the DevTools in the browser before.




    PS: NightOnEarth documentary is excellent in French (or English) and probably good in a few other languages.

    February 23 at 05:00
    • rogeriobod br Brazil

      I had no idea of how to do it without the extension.

      February 24 at 17:04
      • herbm us United States


        However note that if either method fails on a particular video it may (quite likely?) work on others.

        Also, the manual method requires extracting the "text" from the XML which I haven't described above.

        If you are going to use it then let me know and I'll post that too, unless you have the skillsets to program that. (It's not difficult.)

        February 25 at 01:19
  • andrewkerrykettle gb United Kingdom

    Is there a fix for this yet? Firefox is still not working for French on Netflix despite the show having both audio and test in French.

    February 26 at 21:23
    • Administrator
      mark ca Canada

      It should be working fine. Do you have the most up to date version of the FF extension?

      February 27 at 06:29
      • andrewkerrykettle gb United Kingdom

        Yep - I‘ve tried updating it, uninstalled it, turned off my laptop then reinstalled it, but still get the same error message that there are no captions found?

        February 27 at 06:54
        • andrewkerrykettle gb United Kingdom

          Just tried again and it's working! Hurrahhh! Thanks :)

          February 27 at 07:00
          • Administrator
            mark ca Canada

            Great. I do find with Firefox you need to quit Firefox and relaunch it for the extension to update properly.

            February 28 at 00:42
  • Administrator
    mark ca Canada

    Update: A new version was published to Firefox and Safari today which fixes various bugs with Youtube and Netflix import.

    Unfortunately, the Chrome Extension continues to be hung up in Chrome's extremely painful Extension Review Process which has had us in their queue waiting for approval for almost 2 weeks now. Hopefully, once we get this approval, which seems to be a new thing, future approvals will go faster since we have made 2 additional updates since we pushed a version for approval from Chrome. Until those updates are approved, the latest fixes will not be available. Not sure why they feel they can sit on extensions for this long in this day and age!

    February 28 at 00:01