Known words count vs number of created lingqs

GTTAGTTC de Germany

I can not get my head around it: the counter at the top says 34.443 known words, in my statistics the chart shows 43.074 created lingqs since the beginning. I was never very good at math but the number of 25446 new (!) lingqs (stage 1 words) and 30661 not known (all lingqs except the known words )at my vocabulary page irritates me... how can it be? I checked the created "lingq phrases" , but they can't account for these numbers.

August 13 at 18:39
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Here's what your all-time stats for Polish show:

    Known words: 34444

    LingQs created: 42683

    LingQs learned: 12501

    That means that our of 34444 known words you have, 12501 were yellow (LingQs) before you made them known (status 4), and that other 21943 words you made known without making them LingQ first.

    What exactly you find confusing here?

    August 13 at 23:39
    • GTTAGTTC de Germany

      Thank you! I forgot that the 21943 do not count as linqgs.

      August 14 at 18:24