Japanese ebook import furigana problem

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I've successfully managed to import a Japanese ebook, which is a great feature. However, it seems that LingQ doesn't know how to deal with the furigana. In many cases, kanji compound words have the furigana inserted into the text between characters. In general, it's kind of a mess and the dictionary lookup is now unusable, too, as words like 自慢 end up like "自じ慢まん".

I'd love it if the furigana was simply removed/stripped and the regular text was preserved. This must be possible, as when I open my ebook in any reader the furigana is properly interpreted and displayed.

If there is any solution or confirmation that this might get fixed, that'd be amazing. Thanks.

January 14 at 09:27
  • kevbot us United States

    Related: I have some ebooks in the form of raw text file, and I keep getting an error message that says:

    "There was an error importing this file. Please ensure all digital protection has been removed."

    I don't see how this is possible, given it's plain text so there couldn't be any DRM. It's not very large, either (1.4MB). Any help would be appreciated.

    January 15 at 23:04