Importing Vocabulary

garymac gb United Kingdom

Yesterday evening I noticed that when I create a new vocab entry and submit I get the confirmation message that 'import successful', however the word or phrase doesn't appear anywhere in my list. I tried this with Chrome, also on an android device and ipad with the same outcome. I've had the same experience this evening.

I searched the forum and I'm not the first person to see this - is there an intermittent issue with writing to user databases on the LingQ platform?


February 12 at 19:10
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Sorry to hear that. Have you tried refreshing the page after importing?

    February 12 at 23:06
    • garymac gb United Kingdom

      Yes, I have also logged out on all devices, logged back in and have the same issue. As I said above, this has been reported by other users in the forum so isn’t an isolated incident.

      February 13 at 08:30
  • Ted_Gilmore us United States

    This happened to me again today (I have reported it a couple of times) . Refreshing, rebooting, nothing provides immediate relief. I am noticing that the words I have entered do appear - the next day! So they are getting into the database when entered, but it appears that the Search is not pulling them up until they sit in the database for a number of hours. Zoran, I hope this summary can point the way to a solution.

    Ted Gilmore

    Sunday at 00:57
    • Ted_Gilmore us United States

      Yes. It just happened again too. Refreshing had no impact.

      Sunday at 20:55
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Thanks, we will investigate that and fix the problem.

        Tuesday at 08:52