Import Lesson - Audio timestamps

eevan rs Serbia

When setting sentence timestamps, the importer doesn't like times which end in 0. For example, 00:50 will get converted to 00:5 and later this will show as 00: and the audio will not stop where it should.

December 06 at 20:58
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Is that for Japanese? Unfortunately time stamp tool doesn't work properly for certain languages and Japanese is one of them.

    December 07 at 00:05
    • eevan rs Serbia

      Well, generally it works fine, except when the seconds end in 0. I currently "fix" it by using for example 00:49 or 00:51 instead of 00:50. That doesn't sound like it is related to any specific language, and in fact I have tried it with French and it works the same.

      Actually, I have just found even better "solution": Use 00:50.001 instead of 00:50 :-)

      Speaking of milliseconds, the importer also doesn't like ending 0s in milliseconds... When I enter 00:50.100 it will save it as 00:50.1 :-)

      Anyway, this is not a high priority for me as I can work around it for now...

      December 07 at 07:38