I lost my 90 day streak

miscology gb United Kingdom

For some reason I only did 12 LingQs yesterday. I normally always do double the amount of LingQs but I must have forgotten. I'm completely gutted. I've already done 27 LingQs today and just noticed my streak is gone and I'm back to 0. Was it a timezone issue? I do most of my reading in the evening. I'm in GMT but I offset my timezone by a few hours for those days I need to burn the midnight oil.

Did I mess up somehow? I was hoping to keep my streak going for a whole year.

December 04 at 21:01
  • scgrant176 us United States

    That's a shame, I extend my condolences.

    December 04 at 21:50
    • Ozemite au Australia

      I know, right? ;) I was even considering whether to send a condolence card with flowers or donate to their favourite charity! ;) ~

      Monday at 04:48
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Make sure that you have correct time zone selected on the Profile Settings page to avoid this kind of streak issues in future.

    I have repaired your streak now and you can continue where you left off! :)

    December 05 at 00:00
    • scgrant176 us United States

      Zoran-- You're a scholar and a gentleman, nice.

      December 05 at 00:04
    • miscology gb United Kingdom

      Damn, thank you so much! I will thank you in fluent French in 273 days time!

      December 05 at 00:24
    • Etudiant1 se Sweden

      That's very kind indeed, Zoran! I remember when my vanished and I recall that they gone forever.

      Is that what, in English, you call double standard? :-))

      December 05 at 16:44
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        I guess complaints like yours about broken streak made us add possibility to repair it. :) No double standards, if you ever need to repair your streak, just let me know!

        December 05 at 17:28
        • Etudiant1 se Sweden

          I promise. :)

          December 05 at 17:37
  • dyplomat ua Ukraine

    It would be great if LingQ introduced some Duolingo-style features like Streak Freeze & Streak Repair.

    And the ability to change your daily goal 🙏 It'd really help to keep up motivation.

    December 05 at 13:23