Hours of Listening Glitch

austinh. us United States

I noticed lately that every time I listen to a podcast on LingQ it keeps doubling the time I've listened to it. For example if it says I've only listened to the audio 0 times and then I listen to it once, it will say I've listened to it twice and then add twice the time listed in the hours of listening tracker.

Because of this I have to keep manually going to my hours of listening stat and subtracting the time it added because it keeps inaccurately recording the hours of listening stat bar at a x2 rate.

(E.g. if I listen an hour a day it will double it and say I've listened 2 hours even though it was only 1.)

(Note: this is on the LingQ App for Android)

February 03 at 22:53
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Thanks for reporting this, good catch.

    We will get it fixed.

    February 04 at 04:58
    • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

      This bug raises several questions:

      1) Is listening time statistics wrong, and we should not trust it anymore?

      2) Who has the wrong statistics and for what periods?

      3) Are you going to fix it and recalculate the listening time data?

      February 04 at 12:52
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        @SergeyFM The issue exist on the Android app only last couple of days. We are working on it.

        February 04 at 15:30
        • jonesjack gb United Kingdom

          are news on when an update is going to be pushed out?

          February 11 at 16:14
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            Yes, I'll let you know when we push app update. Hopefully within next few days.

            February 11 at 21:10
            • mehdik it Italy

              Any news about this bugfix?

              I need to keep track of my listening hours and don't like inflated wrong statistics! Meanwhile it's a headache to manually each time decrease the number considering the fact that sometimes you should decrease the number by two and not one! while you open a lesson and listen and read along and play again the same audio...

              I never complain about things like why challenges don't show up correctly on the android application but the playlist is one of the main features of Lingq that happens to be not a complex one!

              February 24 at 18:24
  • jonesjack gb United Kingdom

    Yeah I second this, I always listen to an hour of content and by the end of the morning my listening time has doubled

    February 04 at 07:58
  • mehdik it Italy

    I also have the same problem. When I open a lesson and listen to the audio while reading the text the audio counter increase by two instead of one!

    Moreover, while listening to my Playlist, when one track finishes, the player jumps over the following track and increases it's counter by one without even playing it!

    February 05 at 12:10