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hi i have problems importing youtube and netflix

October 13 at 18:20

Hi guys, could someone help me when I import from Netflix and YouTube I have problems because on Netflix I import it from the extension and I don't know where to press it when I put Netflix in the option you have in the extension. Import to where I press it because the last time I did it I tried not to let me put the audio and the complete chapter only let me put 3 pages without audio and another problem simir but with youtube long videos like 40 minutes I import them and when they are in lingq the audio was copied well and everything but the text They are only copied like 10 and it is supposed that the complete video would have to have like 30 haha ​​someone to help me and I just tried to import from my cell phone and it was successful but not on my computer and i dont in what botton i need to push i need to push default or new course or what ? 

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