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pl   Poland

Help me make sense of the content in Lingq, please

August 01 at 20:33

Hello! I've been "using" Lingq for a while now, but I don't see any results and I still struggle with how to use it. I don't link jumping topics, and I can't seem to find good, reliable, updated Courses/groups of lessons that I can follow for steady learning. All I see is chopper lessons or pieces of content; one is about food, one is about war, another about simple greetings... I also cannot "turn off" the lessons I already did, so they keep getting in the way... There are rows of available lessons, but it's so confusing how to categorize them, and what are Courses people add lessons to...

I watched a bunch of videos on YT, but they explain more the idea, not the "go there, click this" walkthrough...

I'm really frustrated, as I keep reading texts and mindlessly clicking on words, but I can't hold a steady content (like, in textbooks, lessons build on one another).

Is anyone willing to share their recipe for using this app?