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michaelkennedy1 us United States

Is there currently a way I can filter by news source? For example, I particularly like FT Chinese articles because of the high level vocabulary but I find myself having to scroll through tons of articles from other sources before I find one from a source I would like to read. For a free news source, I would simply go to the website and use the Lingq Import extension, but this website is subscription based so I like to get the ones already on Lingq when they are available.


February 09 at 15:46
  • y.emre tr Turkey

    Go to Lİngq library, select Guided lessons, then news and top right you can search "ft chinese"

    After it finds the results. Filter your results. add your level beginner-intermediate-advance

    then choose course. Whatever lessons suit your needs open them in a new tab. Then change your filters to "news to entartainment to business" because whoever uploads it could make a mistake. This way i think you can add many articals to your lingq.

    If you want i can send you javascript which you can select and upload text to lingq.

    February 10 at 16:39
  • aronald us United States

    Just go to the actual webiste and import your own articles

    February 10 at 19:06