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Mpampalitsas de Germany

Hey there!

I wanted to ask if anybody ever considered working together with the YouTube channel "Easy Languages". They provide a lot of content on a wide range of topics for different languages. Every video has subtitles anyway so it should not be to difficult to get access to the content.

Could maybe someone from the developing team contact them, to ask if they´d provide their content for LingQ?

Here is the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/magauchsein

January 31 at 10:17
  • Administrator
    ericrobertz ca Canada

    Thanks. This is a good channel. Users can already import their content using the extension. This way, users will have the audio and transcripts readily available in LingQ. I can also look into contacting them to see if we can make their lessons publicly shared on LingQ (for now, users can only access this channel's content on LingQ privately).

    YouTube Importing:


    February 01 at 00:55
    • Mpampalitsas de Germany

      Unfortunately they most of the times do not upload their subtitles on YouTube directly, so that you can not import them. So maybe it would be worth asking them to do at least that!

      Thank you anyways :)!

      February 01 at 10:13
    • Mpampalitsas de Germany

      Any news? :)

      February 16 at 18:54