Catalan as a beta language

jolanda ch Switzerland

Dear LingQ Team!

Please can you tell me what's missing?

What else needs to be done and under what conditions.

Maybe there are users who do not even know that their help is needed urgently.


June 19 at 07:39
  • levmyshkin us United States

    I think they are still missing about 20 mini stories

    June 23 at 23:09
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    As @levmyshkin said, so far we have 20 Mini Stories done in Catalan, and we need to have at least 40 in order to add a new language, preferably all 60 stories.

    June 24 at 09:10
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    Mini Stories 31, 32,33

    I have send it to zoran today.

    More later!


    July 04 at 05:21
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    Mini Stories Catalan.

    today I have send 34, 35, 36. to Zoran.


    July 10 at 08:34
  • Nino97 va Holy See (Vatican City State)


    July 11 at 22:10
  • michaelgreer es Spain

    I would be very interested if Catalan were to become a Beta langauge. Is there a time scale by which this could become possible ?

    July 13 at 23:00
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      As soon as we have enough Mini Stories delivered. At this moment I can't say for sure, but hopefully within next month or two.

      July 13 at 23:45
      • michaelgreer es Spain

        Excellent.If there is anyway i could help with the mini stories i'd be happy to.Thanks

        July 14 at 11:35
      • Corin_Wright gb United Kingdom

        Hey Zoran, any update on the situation!? :)

        August 05 at 21:15
        • Administrator
          zoran rs Serbia

          Hey Corin, at this moment we are on 26 delivered stories. 14 more and we can start preparing Catalan for Beta. :)

          August 05 at 23:45
          • jolanda ch Switzerland

            I will send more after the holidays.


            August 06 at 08:22
            • michaelgreer es Spain

              Is there any way i can help you Yolanda?.Im eager to get Catalan into the system.If i can help in anyway let me know.I live i Catalyuna and could easily get some audio produced by native speakers.

              If theres anything i can do.Let me know


              August 09 at 00:07
          • michaelgreer es Spain

            Hello Zoran,

            Could you possible send me the stories 20-30 and i'll begin to have them recorded


            August 09 at 17:24
            • Administrator
              zoran rs Serbia

              Sure thing, done! :)

              August 09 at 19:40
  • michaelgreer es Spain

    Hi Guys,Just a quick update...stories 20 to 30 are now translated.

    I am just finishing the audio recordings and should be in a position to submit to Lingq this weekend/Earky next week

    Any luck with the last 4 stories which will get Catalan Beta status ?

    Almost there guys.

    August 21 at 13:34
    • jolanda ch Switzerland


      muy bien!

      Nosotros aun estamos de viaje.

      Si puedes anadir 4 mas, seria estupendo!


      August 21 at 14:05
    • Corin_Wright gb United Kingdom

      Bon treball!!! :D :D

      August 21 at 14:26
    • levmyshkin us United States

      Awesome! Thanks so much for the work both of you are putting in. I know many of us can't wait to start Catalan on LingQ

      August 21 at 18:33
  • michaelgreer es Spain

    Hey guys

    Stories 21-30 have been sent to Zoran.

    Providing there are no problems we are just 4 stories short from getting BETA

    Unfortunately i cannot provide anymore assistance as i have returned to work and my time is limited.

    Yolanda,Is there any chance you can continue and finish the last 4,

    Thanks guys

    Almost there

    August 26 at 23:06
    • jolanda ch Switzerland

      As I told you earlier “ we will be back in September ‘.

      I hope I can send the last 4 stories next week.

      I will do my best.❣️

      Soon wi can use the beta Catalan. 🌞


      August 27 at 07:00
      • michaelgreer es Spain


        Thanks for your efforts

        August 27 at 10:16
  • rafaelnajera de Germany

    I'm anxiously waiting for Catalan as beta language to happen. Visca el Barça ;)

    August 27 at 07:32
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    today I have send mini storie 37, 38, 39, 40 to zoran❣️


    September 04 at 21:37
    • michaelgreer es Spain

      Fantastic !!! Great news.

      Any timescale on this Zoran?

      September 04 at 21:58
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        It's now up on our developers to work on it when they get a chance among other things. Should be within next couple of weeks. Thanks for your efforts and help, Jolanda!

        September 04 at 23:58
        • jolanda ch Switzerland

          I hope the developers can transform

          „within next couple of weeks“


          „ in the next days“.

          You know: I‘m an optimist ❣️❣️❣️

          You know: I‘m an optimist ❣️❣️❣️

          September 09 at 12:41
          • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

            Thanks for your hard work, Jolanda. I will be checking out Catalan as soon as its up on the website! moltes gràcies!

            September 09 at 13:02
        • jolanda ch Switzerland

          Hello Zoran,

          Do you think we can use the beta version of Catalan in October?

          That would be great!

          Regards jolanda

          September 26 at 07:01
          • michaelgreer es Spain

            I certainly hope so.

            Fingers crossed

            September 26 at 09:49
          • Corin_Wright gb United Kingdom

            Yeah, I got to say it's a bit disappointing at how long it's taking.

            September 26 at 13:45
            • DocT us United States

              It’s been close to two months and still no Hungarian mini stories.

              September 26 at 14:18
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            Not sure about the exact date, but I think both Hungarian and Catalan will be available soon. I think Georgian too.

            I understand that you guys are disappointed, but we have plenty of work on our plates already and some things are just more important than adding new languages. We will do our best to have all this new languages for which we have enough study material prepared up soon.

            September 26 at 15:47
            • jolanda ch Switzerland


              September 26 at 16:03
            • Cassius90 de Germany

              Is there a possibility to involve the users to help you get the new languages available sooner or to take some of the other work?

              September 27 at 08:10
            • marcos.rm br Brazil

              Great news! My company just hired a guy from Catalunya and I'm pretty excited with the opportunity to practice this language on a daily base, but I need some basic materials to start. Perfect timing!

              Thanks for all your efforts, Zoran!

              September 30 at 12:53
            • jolanda ch Switzerland

              Beta-Hungarian is online!

              So Catalan-beta will be the next?


              September 30 at 13:07
            • austinlegge us United States

              Hi Zoran, thank you for keeping us up to date. I am sure that everyone of us appreciates it as much as I do. I hope Català will be added very soon, I am really excited!

              October 16 at 13:23
  • LILingquist us United States

    Thank you for all your efforts!

    September 09 at 20:58
  • TheSwedishPolyglot se Sweden

    Awesome! Looking forward to Catalan. A complete resource for all the big romance languages :D

    September 09 at 22:59
  • Ryanaissance us United States

    For those who are more familiar, are Catalan and Occitan closely-enough related to be mutually intelligible?

    September 26 at 19:49
    • ftornay es Spain

      Not quite. You can understand quite a lot, especially if written but it takes a good deal of guesswork and there's a lot that won't be easy to understand. Pronunciation is also quite different

      September 26 at 22:08
      • ftornay es Spain

        There's a variant of Occitan (and more concretely of Gascon) that is actually spoken in a part of Catalonia: the Aranese language, spoken in Val d'Aran. They have three official languages over there: Spanish, Catalan and Aranese. I give you a link to a TV program by the Catalonian TV where they explore that language. Notice that the conductor considers it "exotic and unknown"and he sometimes asks about the meaning of very common words such as "oc" (yes, cat. "sì") or "bric" (not at all) that gets translated in the video as catalan "gens", Spanish "nada".

        The part where the conductor tries to understand an Aranese hockey team is especially interesting for this question. Notice that he can understand some sentences but not others and he hesitates quite a bit. It's also a very interesting comparison of both languages since you get occitan audio and Catalan subtitles.

        There are also some interesting comparisons of particular words and expressions, comparing several Catalan and Occitan languages and they refer to the actual use of the language, etc.

        Link to the first part:

        P.S. Btw, that TV show "Caçador de paraules" (word hunter) is a very interesting one for those interested in languages in general and Catalan in particular

        September 26 at 22:18
        • ftornay es Spain

          An especially interesting piece of data relating to your question. At this point in the program:

          The Catalan conductor tells the translator "this particular variety of Aranese I find very difficult to understand, Is it a stronger accent?". The tranlator asks the Aranese speaker: "What is the difference between the Aranese from here and that from "up there" (meaning the area where they'd been previously)?" The speaker replies "The Aranese up there is half Catalan". "The language over here is pure Aranese"

          So we can conclude that there's a partial mutual understanding which depends on the exact variety that is spoken

          September 26 at 22:33
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    Today Catalan is a beta language!



    October 18 at 09:39
    • Moderator
      Ress de Germany

      My congratulations!

      @Zoran, could you tell some words about the next candidates? Do you have any progress with any other languages?

      I'm not trying to ask when. Just curious.

      October 18 at 09:55
      • mateos42 us United States

        I know some folks have been working on the Irish mini stories, but I don't think they're done yet. That's the one I'm really looking forward to.

        October 18 at 10:31
        • Moderator
          Ress de Germany

          I came from Georgia some weeks ago. I did not want to learn any Georgian but I have unintentionally learned their alphabet just looking at the road signs and comparing the letters with the latin ones. Since then it seems to me interesting to learn a bit of Georgian.

          გამარჯობა გენაცვალე

          October 18 at 12:41
      • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

        I am translating the Finnish mini stories I have only about 5 left. Sadly I can't help with the recordings but there is one member who has Finnish speaking friends/acquiescence and is working on getting them recorded (at least a part of them).

        October 18 at 13:05
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        @Ress Georgian is next in line. We have content ready for it for a while and it should be next. Other than that, I believe Thai and Hindi are work in progress.

        October 18 at 14:38
    • austinlegge us United States

      I am so happy!

      October 18 at 12:09