Catalan as a beta language

jolanda ch Switzerland

Dear LingQ Team!

Please can you tell me what's missing?

What else needs to be done and under what conditions.

Maybe there are users who do not even know that their help is needed urgently.


June 19 at 07:39
  • levmyshkin us United States

    I think they are still missing about 20 mini stories

    June 23 at 23:09
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    As @levmyshkin said, so far we have 20 Mini Stories done in Catalan, and we need to have at least 40 in order to add a new language, preferably all 60 stories.

    June 24 at 09:10
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    Mini Stories 31, 32,33

    I have send it to zoran today.

    More later!


    July 04 at 05:21
  • jolanda ch Switzerland

    Mini Stories Catalan.

    today I have send 34, 35, 36. to Zoran.


    Wednesday at 08:34
  • Nino97 br Brazil


    Thursday at 22:10
  • michaelgreer es Spain

    I would be very interested if Catalan were to become a Beta langauge. Is there a time scale by which this could become possible ?

    Saturday at 23:00
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      As soon as we have enough Mini Stories delivered. At this moment I can't say for sure, but hopefully within next month or two.

      Saturday at 23:45
      • michaelgreer es Spain

        Excellent.If there is anyway i could help with the mini stories i'd be happy to.Thanks

        Yesterday at 11:35