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au   Australia

[bug] several bugs

June 05 at 10:06

Here are several bugs that I've encountered recently:

  • Desktop + Android: Incorrect new wordcount shown on courses

I have completed all the lessons in the below course (and all the individual lessons show 0 new words), but the course still says that there are 39 unknown words in this course. This is obviously incorrect. This bug doesn't happen on all courses, only some. (Maybe there used to be another lesson in this course and it was later deleted? I don't know.)

  • Desktop: I don't think this is a bug per se, I just think the functionality doesn't currently exist, but when you go into Reader settings and turn on 'Don't play tts when lesson audio playing', it doesn't play TTS when you are playing the audio file, but when you are playing the YouTube video, it still plays TTS. So if you plan on watching the YouTube video, as opposed to listening to the audio file, you have to go into Reader settings to turn off TTS. I love this option and have it permanently on. I'm patiently waiting for it to become an option on Android. :)