Back Button In A Story

JDTV ca Canada

I may be missing something here, I can't seem to find a back button when I'm finished reading the story. If there is one I would love to know about it, if there is not a back button, I think that should be a necessary function. And by this I'm meaning a way to return to my lessons without having to hit the windows back space or right clicking back.

February 10 at 08:09
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    When you finish a lesson, on the Complete Lesson page there is a green arrow on the left and if you click on it it will move you back on the last page in a lesson.

    February 11 at 04:04
    • JDTV ca Canada

      guess I just need to finish all my lessons. Thanks.

      February 13 at 06:24
      • benscheelings nl Netherlands

        You have a green bar in the upper part of the screen, above the lesson. Click on the beginning of the bar and you will be back at the beginning of the lesson.

        February 13 at 11:55