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Ability to import youtube videos without subtitles

March 2019

Most songs I can find in japanese don't have subtitles in the video but more often than not the subtitles/lyrics are just as well in the description. For example the comment by :

It would save a ton of time since doing a manual import takes a bunch of time when you are dealing with music.

Atleast you have to akwardly add the youtube video to your lesson after importing lyrics from third party site which requires you to select the appropriate language everytime otherwise it won't show up.

Then if you want the portability of listening to the track in the playlist you have to download the song yourself in the right format. Then you still have to upload it which works quite akwardly especially if your songs are spread across multiple folders.

When you want to manually add subtitles the ONLY thing you have to do is copy and paste. (Lyric sites like lyrics-translate and genius don't import properly anyway if you try automic on these site)

See how this saves a huge amount of time especially if you import tons of song lyrics to lingq?

I think any lingq user who loves learning through music would really benefit from some kind of option to allow this. By relaxing the requirements for the import function you save people a bunch of time. (Which is the reason anyone uses lingq)

I can also see the argument that people might accidently import something without subtitles. In that case you can easily remove the lesson. And still it only takes a few clicks on the youtube video tell if something has subtitles in the target language.

Also some personal thoughts: I think the reason the japanese anki crowd sides with it despite the time it wastes is because they also seek the kind of control I mention when doing something. examples: kawajapa, matt vs japan I choose to use lingq eventually anyway because I know it will in the end save me time despite being less then "perfect". At least with japanese it seems the crowd is pretty big so allowing more user control might increase the userbase substantially, although it might be a lost cause to acquire such a hard to please market.


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