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Why isn't LingQ more popular?

March 21 at 14:16

So just for kicks today, I did a search of best language learning apps to gain fluency. LingQ was missing from most (although not all) lists. As someone who has used several other apps recommended by all of those lists (Duolingo, Memrise, etc), I consider them largely a waste of time in comparison unless your goal is just getting a passing familiarity with a language and the ability to say a few pat phrases like "My uncle is a lawyer," "the lunch here is delicious, isn't it," or "where is the bathroom?"

As someone who came to LingQ at probably a A2/low B1 level Russian and who tested at B2/C1 after about 6 months of dedicated study on LingQ, I don't understand why LingQ doesn't get more love. I don't know of another app or site where I could have done that, which is why I'm always a huge LingQ proponent if I talk to someone learning a language. Anyone have any thoughts or insight?


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