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Spanish: asain characters in tv shows replaces all R's with L's? and the specific uses of Usted.

September 20 at 05:37

I have seen this in multiple shows when an asain character speaks that would have an asain accent in english they replace all R noises with L noises and is this similiar to when foreigners in tv shows talk they only use the infinitive instead of conjugating like tu entender or yo querer etc.? I know the puerto rican accent does this as well with the R's and L's. So, I want to know is it because of their asain ethnicity, or is it more of a puerto rican accent thing?

Another question regarding the usted.

If I am a rebellious teenager cursing out an adult/my parents or I am quitting my job and talking to my supervisor/boss. I have to use the usted even though I am swearing at him/her? I always see this these people that are trying to disrespect the other person always use the usted when they are using the most vulgar of words. Is it normal to use the tu ever in these cases and either for more disrespect or because of the reason of the conversation? Thank you again very much.