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Should I be using Anki in addition to LingQ?

May 20 at 07:02

I’m a huge LingQ supporter and have self learnt Arabic over the last 3 years. I’m at the level of being able to read Harry Potter and watch Netflix cartoons and pretty pleased with progress as the language is fairly challenging.

I’ve never tried Anki but see it get mentioned a lot on the forums. Until now I’ve ignored anything that takes me away from LingQ due to the sheer enjoyment I get here and like many others, I spent years ‘playing’ at language learning before I discovered LingQ so I’m hesitant to waste time again. However, it would be stupid of me not to enhance my learning if it could be beneficial.

All I know is that it is a flashcard system and can‘t comprehend how this could be better than LingQ SRS??

Also, I use my iPad here but a quick internet search says Anki is free on the PC but not IOS - is it worth me trying it on the PC?

Many thanks.