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Russian beginner advice request

January 08 at 15:39

Hey - When reviewing LingQs I answer a lot of the flashcards using the wrong case. I've been counting these answers as wrong. Should I instead count my answers as being correct since I easily recognize the word?

For example, if I have a flashcard that says " light, easy, effortless, mild" and I answer with the nominative "лёгкий" but the card is the genative "лёгкого." Should I consider this a correct answer? Or should I specify that it's the genative declension of the word in my definition and go at it until I have it memorized? At this stage of my learning, which would be most beneficial? It's frustrating recognizing so many words but answering in the wrong case when I'm unfamiliar with how case system works and probably shouldn't be worrying about that as a beginner.



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