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ro   Romania

[ROMANIAN] Wiling to record audio for interesting content & help out

July 17 at 20:23

Hello. I started using LingQ recently to learn german and I enjoy this platform so far.

I am a native from Romania and I feel like volunteering/helping out anyone who is learning romanian, by recording audio for content that you find interesting and would like to also listen to it. This way we also make some content for everybody in the end.

Also if you have an intermediate level in romanian or can hold conversations to some extent, I'm down to chat with someone a bit ( first come first served ) via video and put some vibey romanian convo dynamics into your head, just for fun, free.

Idk how the forum works if you can message me in private, but make it somehow that I get to record some content with my decent microphone.

Let me know what you think and bring it on.