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Magically added known words, app and desktop don't play nice together bug.

October 24 at 04:31

I finished a lesson with no blue words left and it magically added 20 known words to my known word count. If someone could subtract 20 words off my known word count, I'd very much appreciate that.

The desktop and the app don't play nicely together. Since the android app is unusable, I was using the desktop version to do the lingqing, but I didn't have head phones for it (I'm not at my normal computer) so I was using the app just to play the audio (can't use my bluetooth headphones with the desktop pc, hence the screwiness in my approach).. I guessing there was 20 "new words" to begin with and when I finished the lesson in the app after doing all the lingqing on the desktop, it incorrectly auto-added the words from the app. But the words still show properly as lingqs on the desktop. So there's definitely a syncing issue here.

This automatically making words known has got to stop in my opinion. It's a "feature" that's only useful for a few hours after starting lingq with a language you already know well and completely useless for a beginner. Lots of people complain about it and it's ruined a lot, if not most, people's free trail. All your lingqs are gone by just curiously flipping through one lesson and you're left wondering what the hell just happened. At an absolute bare minimum the app should warn you and it being the default makes no sense at all. In both the app and desktop I have both of the auto "features" turned off, but it still auto-adds words when you advance to the next lesson without warning on the app. Very frustrating. (I realize I'm conflating 3 separate things, page turn moves to known, auto-lingqing, and forced lingqing by moving to known at the end of a lesson. All three are extremely annoying, lingq shouldn't do anything I didn't tell it to.)