I lost my streak!

milenalazarevic rs Serbia
September 15 at 00:51
  • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

    AFAIK you can use coins to repair your streak)

    September 15 at 10:33
    • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

      Yes I got the email but when I click on it nothing happens :(

      September 15 at 10:58
      • DocT us United States

        How many days was your streak?

        September 15 at 19:25
        • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

          65 days 😭

          September 15 at 19:41
          • DocT us United States


            September 16 at 01:35
      • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

        @Zoran, streak recovery probably doesn't work, could you check it?

        September 16 at 12:39
      • AKDiscer us United States

        Same thing happened to me this weekend. Kind of cool they let you know, but don't let you repair. Either way, I failed to keep up, so in a way, repairing your streak is kind of cheating, right?

        September 16 at 13:08
        • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

          https://1drv.ms/u/s!AthUDLfa4rfJhEPpUCoPxGByam2Q?e=d8y9a4 I actually started doing my lesson before bed, but then my laptop started overheating suddenly so I went on updating drivers and damn windows update by the time I fixed it I realized it was already sunday :( :( :(

          September 16 at 21:43
        • ElleryPrescott tw Taiwan

          I agree! It is def cheating but I don't think it's cheating if it's the same day but after 12am. For example I've used the repair feature when I just didn't get to Lingqing until after 12am. As a night owl, it's kind of annoying to have the cut off point be 12am!

          September 17 at 16:51
          • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

            repair streak is designed exactly for that purpose it doesn't work if you miss out on multiple days.

            September 17 at 17:42
          • AKDiscer us United States

            I don't understand, regardless of when the cycle starts over, you still have 24 hours to add to your streak. I don't see how it matters if you're a morning person or a night owl. I guess there could be edge cases that prove against this logic, but I'm sure most people/situations don't.

            If it is the former, maybe a feature enhancement request to change when you want your cycle to restart.

            Either way, it is still kind of cheating no matter how you look at it. If you didn't study in the same alotted time that everyone else is held to, then you broke your streak, there is no excuse.

            Maybe cheating is not the right word, but paying to "fix" your streak is a false representation of your work. I get the psychology behind the gamification of it, but it still isn't an accurate reflection of committed work. That should be the motivation itself to work so you don't break your streak.

            Another way to look at it is in 90-day challenge, you only miss one day. You worked 98.88% of the days and still made huge progress in your language goals. That is still very impressive!

            Change your perspective, change your world.

            September 17 at 19:01
            • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

              worlds is run by cheaters mate. deal with it :D

              September 17 at 19:11
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    I reported this to our team already and will let you know when I hear back from them. Thanks for reporting the problem!

    September 16 at 14:14
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    @ I repaired your streak. @milenalazarevic I'll fix your streak too, we have small issues with your streak at the moment, but I think we will have it restored tomorrow. Just keep working on it, no worries.

    September 17 at 23:23
  • marcossfernandes br Brazil

    To fix this forever, just go to Settings -> Profile -> Time Zone and change it to the next.


    You will have an extra hour to do your linQs! The day will end at 01:00 instead of 12:00. And that is not cheating!

    September 18 at 19:25