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How Much to People Use Vocabulary Review?

October 14 at 01:50

I know many people say they don't use vocabulary review, but I wonder if that is related to what level a person is. I'm about Beginner 2 (Intermediate content is 30-40% unknown words) on LingQ. I started outside LingQ and used Anki to build vocabulary up to 1,000 words or so. Over time Anki helped me lock in words. Now I'm spending much more time on LingQ then with Anki but I can't tell if I'm learning new words at the same pace.

If just reading and listening were enough to absorb the vocabulary, I could do that but it seems like Ankit style vocabulary review helps to lock things in better. I currently have a script that uses the LingQ API to pull new words into Anki but Anki also takes quite a bit of time.

I wonder if more experienced learners have any thoughts? Will reading and listening really automatically lock in new vocabulary as effectively?

For context I'm studying Hebrew so I'm in a language very different from my native language. For example, if I was working on my Spanish I would probably only do reading and listening and not worry about Anki or vocabulary review.


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