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gb   United Kingdom

How do I view all the content I created in one place?

September 03 at 11:03

Don't know if I'm missing something obvious but I can find an easy way to list courses/lessons I imported myself.

Doing an advanced search is one approach, as the search bar does seem to allow wildcards "*", so I can search by my user alone which is useful (but its not an easy approach and also not obvious for most users).

Other than that the best way I have found so far is when I import content to ensure I open it straight away, then it is visible in Continue Studying. There is surely a better way?

From a UX perspective, based on experience working with tools like Jira, I would like to see this kind of profile specific activity (e.g. import history) under my profile

UPDATE: I can now see there is an option for "My Imports" in the filter options on the right of the search page