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Graded Readers- Start by struggling through them -or Lingq them

May 17 at 20:01

I have been progressing through graded story readers in Spanish (now I am reading the B1 books).

I have deliberately struggled through them and read them multiple times. Once I get the gist of the story, I put them into LingQ and break them down.

My question is - is this an efficient use of time? I have experimented by importing a couple of chapters straight into LingQ. Broken them down and then afterward read them in my Kindle.

This was (obviously much faster-having already broken them down), and I understood a great deal more, more quickly. But I would not have figured out individual words meanings by context.

But does the initial struggle and the unconscious learning help?

Essentially the question is-

Which is more efficient in learning the language:

1) Struggle through a chapter of. the book, repeat it several times until you get the gist- then break it down In LingQ


2) Break down the chapter in LingQ, then afterward read it again.