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Courses deleted when downgrading to free, even if premium has time remaining

July 26 at 17:29

As the title says, this is a warning for anybody who downgrades to free through the website. One of the steps for the downgrade warns you that your courses need to be deleted to downgrade. What I didn't realize is, this will happen immediately, not when your premium subscription expires. I found out the hard way when I downgraded just to prevent automatic renewal payments.

At the LingQ team, doing this doesn't even make sense. My courses were deleted, but I still have over a year on my premium subscription before it downgrades. In that time I will have uploaded other courses beyond the 5 course maximum allowed for free accounts. The only thing accomplished by deleting the courses immediately, rather than waiting until the subscription ends, is to inconvenience the user and, in my case, make it less likely that I will pay for premium again.