You Can Now Import the BEST Korean dramas from Viki into LingQ

ericrobertz ca Canada

**UPDATE Now works with other languages. They must have learn mode enabled.

Nice update for those learning Korean (Japanese and Chinese too).

You can import content from Viki :) For those who don't know, Viki lets you watch (mainly) Korean dramas and they have a learn mode option, similar to

However, you cannot use their learn mode on mobile and if you live outside North America :(


LingQ lets anyone import Viki content, study it on desktop and mobile ;)

This post has a bit more information on how to do it:


December 06 at 20:24
  • chytran us United States

    Great news! Thank you!

    December 07 at 00:01
  • Yannick at Austria

    I just tried importing a Chinese drama from Viki with the LingQ Chrome extension. However, I received an error message saying that so far only Korean is supported.

    @Mark and team, is there any way you can extend this feature to Chinese as well?

    Thank you!

    December 07 at 07:45
    • Ryrbo se Sweden

      I tried this as well and got the same result. Would be great if chinese could be included as well. Hopefully it's not too hard to implement.

      December 07 at 15:43
      • Administrator
        ericrobertz ca Canada

        Works now. :)

        Only for videos with the natives subs enabled

        Monday at 20:54
        • Yannick at Austria

          Eric and team, thank you so much for implementing this! I just tried it with Chinese and it worked!

          Just one thing: the words are not split correctly when you first import a lesson. One line of subtitles (which consists of multiple words) is imported as one long word. Of course, this can be easily fixed by resplitting the text in editing mode, but I wanted to let you know anyway so that you can get rid of this bug.

          Again, thanks for this great feature!

          Tuesday at 16:46
          • Administrator
            ericrobertz ca Canada

            Hi Yannick, that also happens for Japanese too.

            We're looking into it, it's a bit tricky to fix but we will let you know if we're able to figure it out.

            Tuesday at 19:28
            • Ryrbo se Sweden

              Really looking forward to a solution to this, as it would be extremely useful for importing new interesting material in a simple non-time consuming way.

              Edit: Just found how to resplit the text on the edit lesson page, which makes this import issue easily manageable.

              10 hours, 7 minutes ago
    • Administrator
      ericrobertz ca Canada

      I got the same as well for Japanese - we're looking into it.

      December 07 at 21:48
  • iaing au Australia

    The real way to do viki is to get onto a translating team.

    Saturday at 10:33
  • t_harangi us United States

    This is very useful! Thank you!

    Sunday at 17:10