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You can master reading and listening on LingQ, but how do you overcome conversational language?

July 16 at 23:29

I've gotten to the point here on LingQ in French where I can read just about anything, even Jules Verne, with a couple unknown words per page, and I can listen sort of well. It's obviously still hard and I need the script often but I can tell I'm making process (some things like "science étonnant" are easier now than they were months ago) but I've realized something.

LingQ doesn't help much with conversation. Like I was trying to think in French yesterday and I couldn't even figure out how to say "I remembered" (which I now know to be "je me suis souvenu." I can read news, history videos, even recipes, and sort of listen to them, but I don't know how to say basic things like that.

I have a couple propositions as to what could be the problem.

1.) All my vocabulary is passive and my active vocabulary is very VERY slim.

2.) I need to find a tv show and listen to conversations because I'm only learning how to speak with a script, so to speak.

3.) I need to talk to people.

Is it one of these, all 3, or something else that will fix this problem? Has anyone else experienced it too?


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