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When is a word known?

January 10 at 03:08

I'm pretty new to Lingq and I love it! I wish I had started with Lingq because I would have saved myself a lot of money, time and frustration. But I'm here now!

My question is how do you determine if a word is "known"? There are a lot of words I know now from seeing them repeatedly, but if I had to recall them away from a story out in the big, wide world, I couldn't do it. I was trying to think of a newly learned word today that I was thrilled to know. But I couldn't remember it, until I saw it again. So do I mark words as known if I know them when I'm reading them or only if I can pull them out of my hat on demand? I don't want to limit my exposure and learning by marking words too soon. Hope that makes sense!


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