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What is the actual secret to language learning

Tuesday at 20:32

Lots of forum posts are about this topic "what works" what "doesn't work".

I believe *everything* works as long as you do enough of it every single day and keep doing it. 10 minutes a day won't cut it and neither will a single class once a week.

The real question is something like "if I use this method and do it for an hour a day will I be fluent in a year".

Or three months. Or six months. Or two years. Or four years. Or whatever.

I've experimented myself. I don't believe an hour a day will get you to conversational fluency in any language in three months. Audio and speaking *only* might work if you already know a substantially similar language (or two) to your L1 mother tongue, but you likely wouldn't be able to read or write. Likewise if you spent three months only reading with no listening, I don't believe there is any way it is possible to be able to understand spoken speech or speak in three months. No way no how.

Six months at 2-3 hours a day or a year of the same it starts to get interesting and possible, depending on how far away the language is from your L1 mother tongue and assuming you don't already know a similar language from the target group.

^^^ the above is my own opinion based on my experience with 1+ years of Spanish, six months of audio french and six months of audio russian + lingQ.


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