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What do experienced Lingqers think is known or read word minimum for the fabled B2/C1 shangri la?

May 22 at 21:40

It depends, on your goals, well-roundedness, what else you're doing, blah blah blah.

But what do people think is a good target for a near European language (words read, known words, etc) ? Its not to pin down something elusive and variable, but to sustain motivation for a more intense burst before moving back to a regular daily pace. I want to study more languages but I want to get to a truly high--but not perfect-- level in one before spreading myself too thin or returning to old ones.

Interested to know the opinion of anyone who has reached said level--not necessarily perfect, but where anything you don't know you can learn from within the language, like you did with your native language from the age of 8-13, etc.