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Update on Icelandic

August 14 at 18:53

Figured I would keep whoever is interested up to date.

I turned in the texts for the 60 mini-stories a while ago but have only recorded about 10 of them. My home computer is worn down so I will have to buy a new one to be able to edit the sound files, although I can keep recording at the studio. I think it will be done early or late September.

LingQ will not be adding more languages before version 5 comes out though and it can also take some time for a language to be added after they get the mini stories.

I have also started to look for native Faroe Islanders to translate and read the mini stories and found some who might put in some work on it. If you are Faroese or know Faroese people who might want to help, please get in touch or point them my way.


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