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Understanding the Deeper Meaning in L2?

September 25 at 12:50

So I was watching S2, E1 of Game of Thrones (I’ve never seen it before) in L2. The scene with Cersei and Baelish, where they’re letting one another know about what they know, without actually directly making the accusations.

I understood the sentences, though I somehow wasn’t sure why they were saying what they were saying. I promptly went looking for the scene in English and I immediately understood what was being implied (obviously, because it isn’t difficult). I caught on after just a few words, yet somehow it didn’t register with L2, even after hearing almost the entire conversation.

What’s going on here? Like I said, I completely understood the sentences, yet somehow the very obvious, and not so subtly hidden meaning escaped me. I’ve noticed this a few times before. Am I alone here?

Are we sometimes so concentrated on the raw language that we sometimes forget to, or are unable to, follow/see the bigger picture, even when it's so obvious? Just thought I’d ask if anyone else has experienced this, and to check that it's normal.