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The Immersion Delusion

June 22 at 09:01

I've written a blog in which I outline five pitfalls new learners commonly fall into when learning Mandarin (which apply to other languages too).


Pitfall number four is a school of thought which I refer to as "the immersion delusion."

"...The recent rise in popularity of online immersive techniques has led some learners to a new pitfall. I call this the immersion delusion. There is an extreme school of thought which claims immersion is not only a vital component, but the only necessary component of achieving fluency in a language...this is a complete distortion of reality."

Check out the full blog here and let me know your thoughts: http://imlearningmandarin.com/2022/06/19/the-5-most-common-chinese-learning-pitfalls-how-to-avoid-them/