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Seems Paul Nation is right about the number of words to understand

September 20 at 23:19

According to the Paul Nation studies he seems to indicates that at around 7,000 word families you should be able to start to understand typical TV shows.

Now to be clear, 7,000 word familes is not 7,000 lingQ words. LingQ will have more.

What is interesting is that I feel like I'm getting close to my goal (of understanding netflix TV shows in Russian).

I just tried to watch an episode of my target show (Better than us - a Russian netflix scifi show) after not watching for 3-4 months.

I couldn't understand it (still). But I understood it way better than before and crucially I heard (and recognized) it felt like every single word (though my brain was too slow to give me the meaning I felt like I was *almost* there).

So I read the transcript. I could understand every single word with no problem!

That tends to support Paul Nation's theory that at about 7,000 word families you can start to understand TV shows, because in my case I have about 17,000 lingQ words which I happen to know (because I'm tracking it) is roughly equivalent to 6,800 anki words I'm currently studying).

It might be with another couple months push I cross the comprehension barrier. Stoked!