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Rocking into a New Month

August 01 at 22:02

July has finally come to an end and I don't know how your progress was last month, but I am reaching my goals.

If you are not planing out your days and weeks, success will be hard to achieve at the level that you envision. I make a plan for each week and I do my best to keep up with my daily and weekly plan. Somtimes I make some changes, but I keep up with the learning even when I have to step aways from the computer. Yes, I did lose my streak but I was traveling and keept up with my language learning using other methods.

Last month I logged over 30 hours with my tutor and my pronounciation has gotten much better. My goal is to log another 30 hours this month along with using Lingq, story learning, reading books, flash cards, tv shows, and audio (radio, podcast, audio books).

I hope you are planning for another month of learning as well. What goals do you have this month? How do you plan on reaching your goals? Please share so that others can experience success.

I will be honest anyone trying to learn any language will have to invest a lot of time and some money in order to move forward with a language. Free apps and programs will not get you to your destination as quickly as a paid program or tutor. Be willing to spend time and some money or be willing to spend extra time to find older resources that might not be the best fit. I personally spend less moeny on the programs that I purchase than I would on attending formal classes.


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