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Question about Language Comprehension

January 12 at 04:20

Hi. I seem to have this problem where I can understand what I read or hear in the language as it comes in, but it doesn't seem to stick after I've finished. I mean I could tell you what I was reading as I was reading it, but it almost feels like the weight of the words is lost unless I think of it in my own language, and if you asked me what it was about I could only tell you generally, even though in some cases I understand every word.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, do you have a solution? I'm wondering if it may just be that I need more time to get used to the language and develop an attachment to the words.

One added bit of information is that I also tend to get an image of what a word represents more often than a direct language to language translation. I figure this is because I am reasonably young (early 20's) and I'm still in the phase of language learning where my brain isn't entirely dependent on equivalent words in my native language (English).

Also, for context, the language I am studying is Italian and I have been studying it for six months. I think I'm making very quick progress, and many times I will retain what I've read, but sometimes I just can't bring it from my short-short term memory to my medium-short term memory, ya know?


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