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Points for librarians

January 03 at 01:17

I have been a Japanese librarian for a while. Librarians still have to buy premium if they want to use lingqs and even though they can freely share lessons, half the time the thing would glitch and tell me to upgrade in order to upload a lesson. Anyway, I recently decided to go premium to see if it was easier to use. It is easier to use, but in Danish and Japanese, I feel like I spend most of my time editing other people's lessons (adding timestamps and English translations). I am sure I'm learning some with it, but I honestly feel like I should be getting paid instead of paying. I have heard that librarians get points for sharing lessons, but I've never gotten any sort of points or compensation for sharing lessons or editing. I don't think that editing gives you points, but In Japanese, the timestamps almost always need to be done manually, and it takes time. I feel like I try to find something interesting, and then spend my whole study session making the content usable. I don't mind doing it, but I feel like the whole platform is very dependent on people willing to both pay and volunteer. And that just kind of feels like I'm paying to work instead of getting rewarded for working. I personally think librarians should get free accounts. But if not, we should at least be earning points toward tutoring or something.

It just makes you feel used, I guess.

Edit:. Thank you all who commented. I think I was just looking at it wrong. Thank you all for helping me remember to keep things casual and fun. :).