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Point me to interesting material in German. I'm getting bored.

August 01 at 22:26

Hey all, I feel I'm well past the beginner stages of my German learning but am very far from understanding the intermediate stuff. I've found the Dino Lernt Deutsch series very useful but I'm finding it boring now and material of a similar level quite boring most of the time. It got me wondering why the story content of language learning material is written in such a meek way.

Why can't there be stories where characters die, maybe there is a car accident or someone attempts suicide. Heavy topics indeed but just to inject some tension into the story. This would make it so much more fun and wouldn't require it to be complicated because the sentence structure can still be simple and the vocab not too broad. Nothing happens beyond the ordinary in these tales.

Can anyone point me to some upper beginner/early intermediate material with some interesting stuff in it?


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