Please Reconsider Adding Hindi

SKKreativ au Australia

Hindi is a very popular language with 341.2 million native speakers and 274.2 million second language learners (Wikipedia 2019). Observing the other forums on here, quite some time ago there have been people requesting for Hindi to be added; however, there is still no progress or update.

Looking at the statistics I am sure there is a myriad of people who would like to participate in providing Hindi content on LingQ. Additionally, there are a high number of people learning the language so it appears by adding this language it would be very beneficial for many learners.

I am very fond of LingQ's method of learning and I am not a fan of other resources, so I personally would love to see Hindi added on here.

Kind Regards.

July 11 at 05:54
  • Ryanaissance us United States

    I've heard a lot of people say otherwise, but personally I love the sound of Hindi. All those retroflex sounds are music to my ear. It isn't my current focus but I did recently buy a book from Barnes and Noble about the language. So far I think I've got the script down and most of the sounds (except for a few of the harder ones --bh is the bane of my existence). While its not my focus language right now, I can see myself spending more time on it later, and LingQ is quickly becoming my preferred place to learn.

    Tldr; Seconded.

    July 11 at 05:58
    • gurkenwerfer us United States

      Which book did you buy from Barnes and Noble? Barnes and Noble has become one of my favorite places to study languages. Plus I always seem to meet Russians there and have had hours of Russian conversations in the cafe part of the store :)

      July 11 at 17:55
      • Ryanaissance us United States

        The book is called "Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi". I like it because it has space in the early chapters to practice writing the script, stroke by stroke. I photocopied those pages for extra practice. I think its a good book, though its biggest downside is it doesn't come with audio.

        July 11 at 20:04
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    We definitely do plan to add Hindi as soon as possible and we are currently looking for someone to translate and record all 60 Hindi Mini Stories for us. If everything goes smoothly, there is a chance that the language will be added within next 2-3 months.

    July 11 at 14:15
    • SKKreativ au Australia

      That's very promising to hear, I will be excited to see it become available :D

      July 12 at 00:24
    • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

      Hi Zoran. In case you didn't get my email from a few weeks ago, putting you in touch with a couple of volunteers for Hindi, I've re-sent it to you today.


      Thursday at 14:55
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Thanks, much appreciated! I'll get in touch with them straight away.

        Thursday at 20:24
    • TheSwedishPolyglot se Sweden

      Really awesome! :) I am also waiting for Hindi on LingQ as my gateway drug to the Indic Languages :D

      Friday at 22:08
  • gurkenwerfer us United States

    I'd also love to see it here, especially considering that Urdu and Hindi would allow me to communicate with a lot of people near me from Pakistan and India. I had a good friend (exchange student) from Pakistan last year, which motivates me to keep learning his language.

    July 11 at 17:56