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Placement Test Results

Thursday at 00:47

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with all of you the results of two “Einstufungstests” (Placement tests), which an Italki tutor asked me to do in order to assess my current German level. After our initial trial session, he sent me both the B2 and C1 tests so to better plan the lessons to come.

Well, my results are:  43.5 out of 48 for the B2 Test – where 40 to 48 points indicated a C1 level or higher;

42 out of 48 for the C1 Test – where 40 to 48 points indicated a C2 level or higher;

Yes, these are only tests, but yet another proof of how far a 553 LingQ days Streak has brought me, in combination with: - 2x Assimil Books (A1 to B2 and B2 to C1);

- Shadowing both books using the Arguelles method;

- A2 to B1 DW (Deutsche Welle) Course;

- Relaxed but regular Anki sessions in the last 10 months;

- Weekly listening of at least 10 hours of native content (Podcasts, YouTube videos, movies, etc); 

- At least an Italki lesson per week in the last 8 months;

I made most of the mistakes, where I was asked to re-write some phrases, e.g. changing them from active to passive and vice-versa, or where I was asked to actively structure sentences.

This is a clear sign that I need to strengthen the active and creative side of my German, which is my plan for the months to come.

Hope this contribution can serve you guys as a motivating and inspirational tool.

I will probably re-read it myself in a couple of days, as soon as I have "one of those days".

Any questions or feedback are more than welcome!

Ciao | Tschüss | Cheers



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