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Overwhelmed by Italian tenses and moods

July 26 at 04:48

Hi, everyone. I need some pointers and encouragement! I'm on day 18 of learning Italian. I know every language has things that are difficult about it. With Italian it appears the hardest thing is wrapping your head around the use of the subjunctive, conditional, and various past tenses. I just finished #45 of the mini stories and my head is about to explode. I can't make sense of all of these random conjugations in conditional, subjunctive, and random past tenses that are all over the place with almost no patterns.

I keep telling myself what I think Steve would say: "Keep reading! It will become more clear over time!" In your experience, does it slowly become more clear over time as you read and listen more? I'm trying to trust that it will and just trust the extensive reading Lingq process, which I absolutely fully believe in as Lingq brought me to fluency in German despite all the difficulties with grammar in German. Any other pointers, tips, or encouragement at this point would be greatly appreciated.

I am loving Italian aside from this, the one part that makes zero sense to me at the moment.


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