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Not understanding Russian cases and getting close to Advanced 2.

October 11 at 20:25

Hey all.

I have a problem and a question.

I'm getting a quite high known word count in my target language Russian, currently at 28945 words.

I can read fairly comfortable and understand interviews and movies. So my comprehension is okay.

However my output is horrible grammar wise. I can speak quite freely but my speech is littered with mistakes that I know are wrong but I don't know how to correct them. Even worse so, when writing.

I would love to get better at Russian grammar, specifically the cases.

I've tried before with the case tables and reading when the cases are used. also going though texts and trying to find the cases.

But none have helped it's either too much at the same time or I can only find/see the cases I already know e.g. "ов" at the end of words when talking about amounts of etc.

So my question.

What have you done to 'successfully' learn cases and how did you go about it?

What would you do different than just sitting with a table trying to memorize the endings etc?

Or did it just come natural to you at a later stage (higher word count). I have picked up a tiny bit of grammar but it seems so minimal compared to how many words I know


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