New languages

riquillers qa Qatar

I see that a lot of beta languages are being added. What new languages should we be looking forward to? Should I hold out hope that Tagalog will be added?

November 26 at 03:41
  • chytran us United States

    I don't think we're gonna get any new languages for now. In my view.

    November 26 at 07:21
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

    I remember that Zoran mentioned that there are a few languages that are almost ready to be released. Of course since material for new beta languages hinges on that effort of members to get lessons transcribed and audio recorded, the time it takes for it to be ready can take a while.

    As far as I can remember I haven't seen anyone offered to transcribe and record audio for Tagalog.

    November 26 at 07:31
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    @riquillers Hopefully more languages coming really soon. Unfortunately Tagalog for now is not one of them.

    @chytran We did actually added lot of new languages lately. I'll remind you that we have added Farsi, Belarusian, Malay, Indonesian, and few days ago Traditional Chinese and Cantonese as two separate slots.

    Thai is also very close and I think we will have it available within next few days. Some other languages are also coming soon - Gujarati, Bulgarian and a few more. So we are constantly working on adding new languages.

    November 26 at 23:45
    • j4sm197 au Australia

      So many new languages :) Is Vietnamese scheduled?

      November 27 at 00:06
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        We are trying to get enough content for Vietnamese too. Not sure when, but we will add it for sure.

        November 27 at 00:40
    • chytran us United States

      The good news just keeps on coming!

      November 27 at 04:20
    • Moderator
      Ress de Germany

      @Zoran, let me remind Belarusian was going to become a fully supported language some months ago but it is still in the list of beta languages.

      November 27 at 09:08
      • riquillers qa Qatar

        *smh in disappointment*

        nah just kidding

        November 28 at 03:39
    • Sinbad ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

      What about Arabic?

      November 28 at 16:53
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Arabic is available for a while too. You haven't noticed it? :)

        November 28 at 21:34
        • Sinbad ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

          fully supported ?

          November 29 at 03:58
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            There is no any real difference in functionality between fully supported and beta languages. But we will move Arabic and Belarusian to fully supported, since both languages have enough content at the moment.

            November 29 at 15:21
            • Sinbad ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

              Thank you

              November 29 at 20:12
    • pjim gb United Kingdom

      Oh cool, looking forward to Thai being added, thanks! I'll keep a lookout for it

      December 02 at 12:59
    • pjim gb United Kingdom

      Any Thai update? As I mentioned on the other thread if content was needed I can find someone to get some translated with any luck. Otherwise eagerly awaiting its release. Thanks.

      December 09 at 16:00
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        We do have enough content ready to lauch Thai. We are working on it and I think we will have it up on the site probably next week or eventually a week after that.

        December 09 at 23:45
        • pjim gb United Kingdom

          Great! thanks for the update.

          December 10 at 08:48
        • emde33 pl Poland

          How's Thai going? I am checking every day to see if it's already on the list:)

          December 27 at 21:10
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            Gujarati and Thai are both close to be released.

            December 27 at 22:44
            • chytran us United States

              Any updates?

              January 16 at 05:14
            • pjim gb United Kingdom

              So anything happening with Thai in the end? Guess there's some problem with it as it's been many months and no sign yet. Oh well.

              May 08 at 10:06
          • Moderator
            Ress de Germany

            I'm checking almost every day to see if Arabic and Belarusian are moved from the Beta to the main list of languages.

            December 28 at 08:58
        • Goukeban br Brazil


          December 28 at 16:01
    • Lord_Zaoxc us United States

      Is Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Serbian, Icelandic or Swahili going to go up anytime soon?

      April 06 at 00:55
  • claudinetevangelista br Brazil

    OK, the beta languages are very important and if I use many days this methods so I get a best increase in my learn.

    November 27 at 02:39
  • miscology gb United Kingdom

    I really want the Celtic languages added but I guess someone needs to create the content first. I have excellent lessons, unfortunately copyrighted that I've imported into the English language slot,, but I wonder if I'm just messing up the dictionaries for people. Are there plans to create a "Custom" language slot so we can study unsupported languages with our own custom dictionaries?

    November 29 at 02:02
    • riquillers qa Qatar

      That would actually be a great idea.

      November 29 at 03:36
    • Oxygen. us United States

      I wanted this too, but I believe there was an issue with that.

      November 29 at 04:25
  • rsreeves78 us United States

    Zoran told me that Hindi is another language planned and it should be available in March or April of next year.

    November 29 at 06:10
  • FattyLumpkin gb United Kingdom

    I would love to see some African languages on here - especially Swahili - Hausa and Somali would also be amazing. I really would love to learn Hindi as well and please please let there be Welsh!

    Also if we are adding Hindi please don't leave Urdu out!

    January 20 at 16:32
    • Moderator
      Ress de Germany

      You personally may translate anzthing if you can. Another way is to find friends who can make some translations.

      January 20 at 16:38
    • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

      I remember that someone on another thread mentioned that Lingq is in the process of adding Hindi (spring 2019). This is just a rumor and generally when Lingq staff says that X language will be added within Y amount of time it usally means 1-3 months form that.

      In terms of African languages, I agree.

      January 20 at 16:44
      • riquillers qa Qatar

        so true... so sadly true

        January 21 at 16:59
        • Administrator
          zoran rs Serbia

          All we need is content guys, we can't add a new language without any content available for it.

          Hindi is not yet close, I am affraid. I had volunteers working on Mini Stories in Hindi and I hoped to have them delivered and language ready for Beta soon, but I haven't hear back from volunteers in a while.

          Good news are that Bulgarian is in process of being added and will be available soon. Also, Thai and Swahili are next in line and are almost good to go.

          January 22 at 02:02
          • Goukeban br Brazil

            " Also, Thai and Swahili "

            That makes me happy.

            January 22 at 09:41
          • emde33 pl Poland

            I was suspecting you might have technical problems with parsing Thai script, so to hear that you're more or less waiting for content is actually very good news:)

            January 22 at 12:06
    • Goukeban br Brazil

      " I would love to see some African languages on here - especially Swahili "

      Hell YEAH!

      January 20 at 19:43