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New advanced Dutch material

Sunday at 13:29

Now that I´m done with a bit of a Dutch marathon, I want to make it known that I´ve put a lot of advanced material in Dutch into LingQ. I feel that a lot of the smaller languages really lack interesting advanced content (like whole novels) to read and listen to, so I hope my efforts will help. Note that even if you aren´t at the advanced level yet, it can be good to try reading a bit of text at the advanced level every once in a while, to challenge yourself and see how much you understand.


This is a classic medieval knight adventure from the UK.

Een Coquette Vrouw

This is an interesting Dutch novel about a troubled woman and her troubled marriage/romances. Much more recent than most public domain stories.

De kleine zielen - book series

First book was here already, but I added the other 7 books. It´s a series of novels about a troubled family in the Hague in the 1800s. Some of the spelling is outdated, but it´s a pretty good story.


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